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Silent Circle Silent Phone + Silent World Credit Top-Up

Licence : 1 User Account / Any Device
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Silent Phone

Silent Phone enables private, encrypted communication. The app offers peer-to-peer encryption, key negotiation and management; no keys are stored.

Silent Suite sets the standard for enterprise privacy and is available on Silent OS, iOS and Android.
On top it includes encrypted texting, conference calling, video calling and file sharing between two parties with a Silent Suite subscription.


Unlimited talk, text, video and conference calls between Silent Phone members


Completely secure messaging Send and receive large files up to 100MB per message


Silent Phone is device agnostic and is available on iOS, Android, and Silent OS


Simple deployment with no hardware, maintenance,

or training required Manage from the web, active directory, or existing MDM


Choose when messages get deleted on both ends


Unlimited Secure Voice/Messaging between Silent Circle Members

Up to 100MB File Transfer

Full Burn Functionality

Video Calling

Conference calling for up to 6 callers

Direct access to Technical Support

Available on iOS, Android, and Silent OS


Note : If you would like to securly communicate with a "Non Silent Phone users",You are required to purchase "Silent Phone + Silent World" subscription plan. This will allow to communicate privately to mobile and landline phones in most parts of the world.

Silent World

Talk to anyone on any network in any destination.

More privacy, less cost: Use Silent Phone to connect more securely with non-members at any destination via Silent Circle's secure global network with Servers in Switzerland and Canada.

Call anyone, globally, Unlimited inbound calls to your new Silent Circle phone number, no roaming charges, Minutes renewed as per credit top-up.

Silent World calling extends the reach of Silent Phone to make or receive calls from standard mobiles or land lines.

With Silent World, calls have enhanced security over conventional calls. Your leg of the call is encrypted, keeping you safe from local eavesdropping threats.

Communicate privately to mobile and landline phones anywhere in the world.

Silent World Credit Top-up Outbound Coverage: Simply any mobile network and land line in any destination.


Order Contents

1 X Credit Top-up, as per your order selection.

Note : The Credit Top-up key will be sent via email. No CD will be posted by mail.

How to use a Ronin/License code

All users should agree with Silent Circle Terms and Conditions of Service (T&C’s)
Silent Circle Silent Phone + Silent World Credit Top-Up is not available to following destinations via KICKmobiles®.

Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libiya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Products specifications
Compatible Brand Universal
Compatible Model Blackphone 2 & Universal
Accessory Type Software Credit Top-up
Requirements Silent OS, iOS, Android OS
Media Format Product key (Digital)
Licence Credit Top-up
Registration Required Yes
Model No Silent Phone / Silent World Credit Top-up
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