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Lumigon T3

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T3 is made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel and damage resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4. Every unique feature has been created to meet a genuine everyday need. Every design aspect and choice of material are well thought through and serve a practical purpose. Our designer headset with smooth shapes for a perfect fit is included in the package.


In the package






First-Class Materials

T3 is built in marine grade stainless steel, glass fibre and damage-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 for premium look and feel. Designed in Denmark.

Infrared Camera

As the first smartphone in the world, T3 is equipped with a Night Vision camera. It allows any kind of night recordings and makes invisible objects in the dark visible.


The remarkable 13MP/4K camera with dual tone flash has a very fast PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) technology. The dedicated camera key on the side gives quick access to the camera, while the volume buttons can be used to zoom in and out.


T3 has a 5MP/2K front-facing camera, which is equipped with a flash, which allows taking clear selfies, having a video call or using the Mirror app even in dark environments.


The gesture controlled BackTouch display can be used to swipe photos and scroll websites. The integrated camera release on the BackTouch is very convenient when taking selfies.

Wireless Charging

With the built-in support for wireless and Pump Express™ charging, T3 makes the charging experience simple and fast.

Vault – Secure and encrypted

Vault is unique Lumigon app where images, contacts, confidential notes, PINs, apps etc. can be stored and remain private if you don’t want others to see your sensitive data. Vault is not only for storing; you can also send and receive text messages and calls directly from the Vault app. All your Vault data is encrypted and secured with a PIN.

Glove mode

The Glove mode allows you to use the touchscreen with gloves on - a handy feature in the wintertime.

One-press access

The ActionKey can be customised to turn on/off the flashlight, open an app, etc. Actions can be activated by either a short press or a long press. The ActionKey can be used even if the screen is off.

Handwave function

The Hand-wave feature allows answering phone calls without touching the phone. If you accept a phone call, the sensor activates the speakers and microphone automatically. You can also use Hand-wave for swiping the photos in the gallery app, snoozing the alarm, etc.

Universal remote control

With its infrared receiver and transmitter, the phone can be used as a remote control for TV, audio, video etc. You can also copy commands from your existing infrared remote controls into the memory of T3. The remote control app has a predefined selection of remote-control profiles including MAC and B&O products that you can adjust and personalize with different colours.

Notification light

The T3 can be set to notify with a discrete light if there is a new mail in your inbox, a new message or a missed call. The colours of the light can be predefined, e.g. red for missed calls, green for new emails, blue for new messages.




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