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IntactPhone Bond

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The best-secured mobile phone now available to everyone

& Poise

IntactPhone is the world’s most secure mobile phone for organizations. This high-end smartphone is built from the ground up to provide you with the ultimate defense against mobile cyber-crime. IntactPhone runs a purpose-built security-rich operating system, fused command-and-control application, military-grade encrypted communications, and multiple security and performance assurance utilities. These components form the Intact Mobile Security platform. It protects you from eavesdropping, malware, data breaches and any attempts to hack or tamper with your mobile communications and data. It enables you to establish and enforce a best-of-all-worlds mobile device security and compliance framework to match your specific enterprise mobile security requirements.

Make Mobile Security Right

  • Holistic, best of-all-worlds mobile security platform
  • Minimized cyber-attack surface to the extreme
  • Hardware of trust, secure boot-loader, and official drivers
  • Highly certified architecture with no / hybrid Google services
  • Fused central intelligent and advanced defense controls across devices

For Every Need & Budget

  • IntactPhone Bond

Security-first Everything

Built For Superior Mobile Security

  • Trusted Hardware

    CommuniTake is manufacturing the IntactPhone device and thus owns the entire device code, including drivers and bootloader. CommuniTake secure boot is aimed at preventing the substitution of altered boot code, interruption to the boot process and substitution of false commands or security backdoors into the device setup. CommuniTake grants complete auditing access to the IntactPhone source code, including its drivers and bootloader.

  • Intactos – Security-rich Os

    The IntactPhone runs on IntactOS, a custom-built security-rich operating system, enhanced to address mobile security concerns facing enterprises today. The Android-like IntactOS is built from the source code to provide in-depth protection against cyber-attacks by blocking the security breaches found in commercial Android operating systems. IntactOS is free of bloatware, hooks to carriers, and leaky data.

  • Intactdialog - Encrypted Communications

    The IntactPhone provides security and privacy by encrypting voice over IP calls through ZRTP. Communications can run on any network, including 2G GSM, 3G UMTS-CDMA and LTE. In addition, it delivers end-to-end messaging encryption, based on AES256 message encryption with 256-bit key length, and RSA 2048.

Built For Superior Mobile Security

  • Intactcc: Command & Control

    Fused defense and control application ensures safe use of corporate devices via configurable security profiles. Group-based policies and restrictions define solid use of device features, applications, web browsing, and access to network, data and device resources, followed by easy recovery from lost and stolen device scenarios.

  • Threat Detection

    IntactPhone detects behavior-based anomaly across Wi-Fi connectivity, cell tower connectivity, and applications to discover evasive attacks.

  • Antimalware

    A fully-integrated anti-malware solution ensures that IntactPhone devices remain safe from known cyber-attacks by providing immediate up-to-date defense and threats elimination.

  • Url Classification

    IntactPhone protects against known malicious URLs to help you identify malware, spam and phishing sites. It detects malicious URLs and Websites / IP addresses having poor reputation. This operation enables you to prevent communication with compromised domains, to block spam and malware, and prevent potential data loss and data theft.

  • Apps Permissions Enforcement

    IntactPhone enables granular apps permissions management. Central policies provide the ability to block or spoof data access requests by applications during installation and ongoing operation.

  • Encrypted Data-at-rest

    IntactPhone robust disk encryption ensures that the access to on-device data is only permitted to users who enter a dedicated password/PIN. The Encryption key is known only to the device owner.

Empowering Remediation

Meeting The Challenges Of Your Industry

  • Byod Programs

    IntactPhone offers application level BYOD programs. It consists of encrypted communications, command and control center, remote control technology and self-troubleshooting app. The program provides enterprise class protection for BYODs against eavesdropping and most attack vectors.

  • Locked-down Network

    IntactPhone offers application level BYOD programs. It consists of encrypted communications, command and control center, remote control technology and self-troubleshooting app. The program provides enterprise class protection for BYODs against eavesdropping and most attack vectors.

  • Recorded Dialogs

    Intact Mobile Security provides mobile communications archiving for both voice calls and messages. Recorded communications are fully encrypted and protected against potential interference from outside parties which might steal valuable information. Decryption keys are only obtained by your organization.

Intactphone Bond

  • Quad-core 1.3GHz CPU
  • 5.5" HD, 720*1440px, 18:9
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM
  • 2500mAh battery
  • Wi-Fi, BT, USB, SDcard, GPS
  • Fingerprint + Accelerometer + Proximity
  • Dual SIM
  • Global coverage via three models


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