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Bittium Tough Mobile 1 High Security

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Bittium Tough Mobile -
Secure and strong LTE smartphone

Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone is designed and built for demanding Mobile Security and Public Safety markets. Android-based Bittium Tough Mobile is packed with innovative features that make it a perfect tool for professional users such as government agencies, authorities, first responders and other professionals with the need of communicating securely and reliably in critical communication situations.

Bittium Tough Mobile incorporates a special security platform with features like tamper-detection as well as integrity check to ensure end-user security and privacy.

Bittium Tough Mobile's durable and sophisticated design provides support for global LTE frequencies, IP67 level water and dust protection, MIL-STD-810G level shock resistance, dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button, active noise and echo cancellation, powerful loudspeaker and glove-usable touch screen.


Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone

IP67 level water and dust protection.

Glove-usable touch screen, functional also in wet conditions.

Extremely durable mechanical construction with sophisticated smartphone look-and-feel.

MIL-STD-810G level shock resistance.

High-performance speakers and multi-microphone active noise cancellation provides excellent voice call quality also in noisy environments.

Global connectivity with 9 LTE bands, including commercial bands and LTE band 14 for public safety use. Configurable button for PTT, camera, etc.

Enhanced security with secure boot and runtime integrity check.

Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system providing smart and simple user experience.

Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 801 quad-core processor provides performance for realtime HD video and other demanding use cases.

Dual-sim allows operating the device in both private and public LTE networks.

UI customization and branding options available.

Bittium Tough Mobile is based on the Bittium Specialized Device Platform.

Unibody frame construction and display protection  

Cast magnesium Unibody frame construction makes the mechanical construction extremely rigid protecting the device effectively.

Enables sophisticated rugged ID, combination of extreme durability and attractive, fashionable and inconspicuous outlook.

Rigid frame structure protects display glass.

IP67 level water and dust resistance  

IP67 level protection against rain, water and dust.

Covers protecting headset and USB connectors.

Liquid silicon protection for split lines.


Superior security features

Bittium Tough Mobile incorporates a special security platform with features like tamper detection to protect hardware from physical attacks, integrity check to ensure end-user security and privacy, and mobile email can be secured with end-to-end PGP encryption.

Bittium Tough Mobile security features:

Secure boot & runtime integrity - at device start-up the phone automatically checks the integrity of the hardware components and software integrity - also while using the phone.

Secure data storage - all the information stored in the phone is strongly encrypted (AES-256) and inaccessible by anyone else but the user. In addition, user credentials and cryptographic keys are stored within physically separated security components.

Tamper detection - the phone will alert the user if there have been any attempts to break in, and when necessary, automatically deletes all data from the device.

Secure email - the device is integrated with an email client that is compatible with the OpenPGP standard. Using the secure email requires download of OpenKeychain app from app store*.

Restricted application permissions.

Easy erase of all personal data from the phone.

Bittium Tough Mobile is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone
has supreme audio quality

4 microphones together with active noise cancellation enables loud and clear call voice quality also in noisy environment.

Dual high-performance speakers with high acoustical volume provides premium audio quality and over 100dB SPL sound pressure.

Configurable button enables mission-critical push-to-talk (PTT) voice applications.


Global LTE connectivity

Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone provides global connectivity with support for both commercial cellular networks and public safety LTE band 14.

  • 9 LTE bands simultaneously in one device.
  • LTE advanced with up to 150Mbit/s data speeds.
  • Dual SIM slots.

The phone also supports commercial 2G/3G networks in various frequencies.

Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0 enable wireless, standard-based connectivity to various peripheral devices and accessories.

Miracast wireless display interface provides wireless screen sharing to external displays.

NFC for various use cases like access control, accessory authentication.

Assisted GPS (aGPS) and Glonass combined with Qualcomm iZatTM location technology enables accurate positioning also indoors and urban areas.


Keys and connectors


Bittium ToughMobile Materials


Bittium Tough Mobile datasheet (pdf)


Bittium ToughMobile FAQ


  • How does Bittium Tough Mobile differ from a "normal" smartphone?

    Bittium Tough Mobile differs from standard of-the-shelf smartphones in several ways.

    Bittium Tough Mobile is available as two OS versions: one version is provided with the Google Mobile Services like Google Play and Google Maps, while the other is pure Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version without any Google services.

    Note : We only sell Bittium Tough Mobile with Google Mobile Services only.

    Bittium Tough Mobile incorporates a special security platform with features like tamper-detection to protect hardware from physical attacks, as well as an integrity check to ensure end-user security and privacy. Bittium Tough Mobile can be also remotely "wiped" if lost and mobile email can be secured by end-to-end PGP-encryption. It is the first smartphone that has been approved by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority to store, process and transfer National classification level IV (restricted) material. Restricted security classification means that the solution meets the "Restricted" security requirements set by the Cyber Security authorities for storing, transmitting and processing restricted material. Security levels are defined by authorities and "Restricted" is one of these classifications.

    In addition to the extreme security, Bittium Tough Mobile provides also extreme physical durability, including IP67 level water and dust protection and military-grade (MIL-STD810G) shock resistance.

    Bittium Tough Mobile has a configurable HW button that can be used for example as a PTT button. Bittium Tough Mobile also supports FirstNet's LTE Band 14 for Public Safety.

  • How does Bittium Tough Mobile's VPN (SafeMove VPN) differ from normal VPN?

    SafeMove is an always-on IPsec VPN. The integrated firewall and VPN policy is in place and enforced before the network interfaces are started and remains so until the device is shut down. This provides strong network security protection that add-on VPNs cannot match. The secure connection is automatically established and re-established, without any interaction from the user, thus providing seamless connectivity.

  • What does "restricted security classification level" mean?

    Restricted security classification means that the solution meets the "Restricted" security requirements set by the Cyber Security authorities for storing, transmitting and processing restricted material. Security levels are defined by authorities and “Restricted´ is one of these classifications.

  • What does "MIL-STD-810G" mean?

    MIL-STD-810G is a US military standard that defines a broad set of environmental (like shock, vibration, temperature, humidity) requirements for mobile devices that are designed for use in harsh environments.

  • What does "IP67 level protection" mean?

    IP67 level protection means that the device is built to be protected from dust and can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and will still be operational.

  • What is "PGP encrypted email"?

    PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an encryption, decryption and signing method for data communications, like email. When an email is sent using PGP encryption, it can be read only if the receiver has the key to open the encryption.

  • What kind of type approval does Bittium Tough Mobile have?

    Bittium Tough Mobile has CE, FCC, GCF and PTCRB type approvals.

  • Can Bittium Tough Mobile be used in commercial networks?

    Bittium Tough Mobile can be used in commercial networks.

  • What languages does Bittium Tough Mobile support?

    All languages that are supported by Android are available.

  • In which country Bittium Tough Mobile is designed and manufactured?

    Bittium Tough Mobile is designed and manufactured in Finland.

  • How does the Dual SIM function work?

    Bittium Tough Mobile has user-selectable dual SIM function. It means that the end-user can manually select which one of the two (2) SIM cards is active via the User Interface.

  • I'm a company IT admin. How can I manage the devices?

    Bittium Secure Suite allows centralized, remote management of Bittium Tough Mobile. Device security and VPN policies can be managed on a server and pushed to devices. Devices can be remotely locked or wiped. Bittium Secure Suite includes server side solution that will be integrated as part of company's IT solution.

  • I'm a company IT admin. Can I control the applications such as "whitelisting"?

    Yes, with Bittium's Secure Suite Device Management it is possible. Additionally, the Enterprise App Library function allows the maintenance of a well-defined, locked down set of "allowed" apps, keeping the mobile app install base up-to-date with new versions and security fixes.

  • Is there more than one Bittium Tough Mobile available? What are they and what are their differences?

    There are two (2) variants of Bittium Tough Mobile.

    1) Bittium Tough Mobile with Google Mobile Services (like Google Play, Maps) for those customers who wish to utilize Google Services. Note : We only sell Bittium Tough Mobile with Google Mobile Services only.

    2) Pure Android open source variant without any Google Mobile Services for those customers that do not utilize Google services and require ultimate security from their mobile devices.

How to Use

  • Can I get a user guide in addition to the "Quick Start Guide"?

    Yes, Android Lollipop Quick Start Guide will help you learn more about how to set up and how to use Bittium Tough Mobile. It is available on the internet.

  • How can I open the back cover?

    Insert e.g. a thin plastic wedge in the slot between the battery cover and the phone body on the lower left corner and pry the cover open. The back cover of Bittium Tough Mobile should "pop-up" with a moderate level of force. (Note: The battery cover of Bittium Tough Mobile is intentionally tight to meet the IP67 requirements.)

  • Can I charge Bittium Tough Mobile with normal USB?

    Bittium Tough Mobile is compliant with standard USB2.0 devices. However, the use of non-Bittium approved chargers is not recommended and Bittium can't guarantee they comply with the USB specification and are safe to use with Bittium Tough Mobile. Please refer to the user guide.

  • Can I take a close up picture?

    Yes, it is possible from a distance of 10 cm.

  • Is it possible to disable the standard screen lock?

    No, it is not possible. This is due to the information security of Bittium Tough Mobile.


  • Is there a product warranty?

    Yes. Bittium warrants Bittium Tough Mobile for a period of one (1) year, including all accessories provided in the sales box, against defects in materials or workmanship. If this Product is determined to be defective within the one (1) year warranty period, Bittium will repair the Product or replace it with a new or refurbished Product, at its option, at no charge to the customer, except as set forth below.

    This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, or device failure caused by liquid damages, or damage due to misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, or modification of any part of the Product. This warranty does not cover damage due to improper operation or maintenance, connection to improper voltage supply, or attempted repair by anyone other than a facility authorized by Bittium to service this Product.

  • How do I update my phone software?

    All phone updates are delivered through OTA (Over-The-Air). Device will check SW update availability automatically and inform end-user when update is available. End-user can decide whether to download the SW update and when to update the device.

  • Are spare parts available?

    Yes. Accessories, such as batteries, chargers, headsets, are available.

  • How do I find product support information?

    Please visit Bittium Tough Mobile support for information.

    For information about Android operation system, please refer to full Android Lollipop User Guide.

  • What do I do when I have a problem with Bittium Tough Mobile?

    Please visit Bittium Tough Mobile support page and Troubleshooting page.

    For the distributors and partners, please visit Bittium Support Portal. You can submit error reports, support requests, service requests, and feature requests through the portal. If you don't have a support portal account, please sent a new account request to


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